Progressive Jackpot Slots – Gemtopia

Progressive Jackpot Slots - Pokie games at FairGo AustraliaThe age of technology has created a special place for Progressive Jackpots at both online and land-based casinos. The presence of computers associated with these games affords developers to easily increase Progressive Jackpots and to link various machines and casinos into one lump sum. With this technology, the pot of money increases exponentially and can reach upwards of into the millions of dollars very quickly. Online casinos such as FairGo can make millionaires out of its Australian and New Zealand players in no time at all.

Does Fair GO Online Casino have quality Progressive Jackpots?

Fair GO does have Progressive Jackpots (Gemtopia for example) and there are plenty of stories of players winning on these RTG (Real Time Gaming) casino games. As with all Progressive Jackpots at online casinos, they can only be played during real money play. The Pokies that they are associated with can be played for free, but if you decide to give the Jackpot feature a try, you must sign-up make a deposit and bet with your own money.

The casino games with Jackpots are your usual run of the mill pokies, although with the added feature of the Progressive Jackpot. Jackpots are usually associated with Video Pokies at Fairgo and are not included in the Classic 3-Reel Pokies. The exception is the new 3-Reel 777 pokie which does have a Progressive Jackpot. Have a look at the article we have reviewing this new online casino game.

How much money can I win on a Fairgo Casino Progressive Jackpot?

There are certain Pokies that have jackpot amounts into the millions of dollars. These are usually associated with the Mega Moolah Jackpot. In October of 2018, an online player hit the jackpot for €18,915,872.81!! Yes, you read that correctly as he won approximately 19 million Euros playing at an online casino. Gemtopia is a recent favourite progressive pokie playable at FairGo.

Although this is life changing circumstances, the largest ever won at Fairgo Casino was $185,000.00 which is still a very sizeable amount. And don’t forget that although there is not the huge Mega Moolah Jackpot, the “small” ones at Fair Go occur more frequently. The larger the Jackpot the less chance you have of winning. We would all like to win millions of dollars, but the reality is that its just not within the reach of probabilities.

Should I register at Fairgo Casino to play the Progressive Jackpots?

Gemtopia pokie slot - Progressive jacpot slots AustraliaYes, but you should register for all the exciting casino games as well as for the jackpot. Along with the Pokies that offer Jackpots, there are many other exciting features for these games as the usual games that you will find at your local land-based casino.

Beyond the real money play Jackpot feature, Fairgo casino offers free spins, scatters, wilds, multipliers and many other bonuses. Another bonus of playing for real money are the various promotions and rewards offered. Fairgo has a multitude of these which can increase your winnings very quickly and without spending too much extra money.

Progressive Jackpots have created a certain niche for online casinos and their games. Many players will only play at a casino because of the Jackpot feature. I wouldn’t disagree with this approach, but there is much more to an online casino than just one feature.

Jackpots are just one of the added benefits of playing at Fairgo Online Casino. Players from Australia, New Zealand and throughout the world can enjoy this feature or many of the others which Fair GO provides. You can never go wrong with Fairgo, so register, make a deposit and sign-in. It will be the best gambling decision you will ever make.