Casino and Gambling superstitions

“Luck always seems to be against the man that depends on it” Anonymous

Casino and gambling superstitionsSuperstitions are at their most extreme when they involve life/death and of course money. We know of the Lucky 7 and the Unlucky 13 as well as how the number 8 is lucky in Chinese culture. But there are more than just numbers as well as other attempts to gain some luck while trying to win some money at the land-based casinos or online. Fair Go casino provides many games with the lucky numbers, so be sure to check out and play these games for a leg up when winning money.

Where did some of these Superstitions begin and what are they?

That’s a question for historians and scholars, but it seems no matter who you speak to about this subject, you will always find a different explanation. Not that it really matters as each person finds what works for them and sticks with them in various parts of their lives.

Unlucky Number 13

The Unlucky 13 has various origins and could fill a large book with its history, but for this Fairgo online casino article we will keep it short and sweet. Some of the origins go back to Biblical times with the Last Supper with 12 Apostles and Jesus, totaling 13 people. Friday the 13th dates to the Knights Templar when on Friday October 13, 1307 they were arrested and brutally tortured and eventually killed, although a few survived.

An interesting tidbit for those fans of Indy cars and more specifically the Indianapolis 500, is that the number 13 was not used between from 1915-2002 as well as banned from Formula One from 1977-2013.

The Cooler

In gambling the term “Cooler” can refer to two similar situations. When playing Poker, a Cooler is when you have a very strong hand but there is another individual at the table who has a stronger hand. In other words, his hand “Cools” your hand and you are no longer “Hot”.

If you have ever seen the wildly popular movie “The Cooler” starring William H. Macy, Alec Baldwin, and Maria Bello then you will be familiar with another type of cooler. In this case the cooler is a person (William Macy) who would prop himself up next to a gambler on a hot streak and reverse his lucky streak and turn the tide in favor of the casino. These usually included table games such as Craps, Roulette, and Poker. Whether Coolers like Macy ever did exist is questionable, but with wild superstitions, rituals and lucky charms in the gambling industry, anything is possible.

What are some other Casino and Gambling Rituals?

If you have ever watched a Craps game, especially when there is a hot streak and large crowd, then you have scene those with the dice blow on them before a roll or have someone else blow on them. In some cases, which I have done in a few instances, the dice thrower will yell the phrase “Baby needs a new pair of shows” indicating that they are looking for a big win.

In a Poker game, especially one with high stakes, the players will sometimes stack their chips a certain way. This helps them keep count of the money and is sometimes used a winning ritual during their game play.

Online Gambling Rituals and Superstitions

Fair Go Casino has many casino games that include lucky symbols, numbers and colors including Lucky 6, Super 6, Double Ya Luck and Pig Winner. The online pokies at Fairgo provide some great winning opportunities and with the Progressive Jackpot you can win some serious cash.

Now because most of the online play is done in the comfort of one’s home, it is tough to determine what superstitions are used by the players. But I’m sure some of these are not the typical symbols or rituals that are used in the land-based casinos.

With this being said, many of the responses we have of certain rituals include clothing of some sort. Because online gambling can be played from home it makes sense that players will rely on what they are wearing to improve their luck. There are stories of athletes not washing pieces of their uniform to bring them luck which begs the questions of cleanliness and smell, but I digress.

A Rabbits Foot and Four-Leaf Clover are all tricks of the trade for gambling online and at land-based casinos. Whatever your preference we hope that your personal ritual or superstition helps you win at Fairgo Casino. All you need to do is register, sign-in, make a deposit, put on your lucky socks, t-shirt, pajamas, or whatever floats your boat and start winning real money.